Healthcare Accounts Receivable Services

If someone have a headache, you might prescribe him to take some medicine like Tylenol or Aspirin. But what to do if your healthcare practice has a headache? Shocked? Yes, your medical practice can also have a headache and it’s most probably the worst pain of any healthcare practice.

That headache is called accounts receivable and for medical practice AR pain, OTC pain relievers wouldn’t help. Instead, you will have to outsource accounts receivable of your healthcare facility to well-renowned medical billing company. When it comes to well-renowned quality medical billing services company, Xceed Billing Solutions is at the top.

Healthcare Accounts Receivable Services offered by XBS

account receivable services

We assist healthcare providers minimize days in A/R with our timely and quality follow-up services that ensure that physicians stay up to date about payments and reasons for delays in accounts receivable. Usually, we follow-up with healthcare insurance companies on each and every claim within the 30 days of claim submission.

We can take over your accounts receivable rapidly and accurately. Our accounts receivable services include the following:

Follow up with insurance companies

We follow up with the insurance companies through multiple channels which includes insurance web portals, IVR, and live phone calls to get accurate status of submitted claims.

Improve revenue cycle by developing procedures

We analyze the aging bucket of the accounts receivable and create policies to follow up on them and take appropriate action to minimize the balance in aging bucket.

Automation of Follow Up

In the current era, every process is getting automated. Following the trend, we have also developed tools that login to the insurance web portals, generate queries and fetch the claim’s status.

Why you should Outsource Accounts Receivable Services to XBS

Xceed Billing Solutions full suite of accounts receivable and denial management services offers our customers the following benefits:

  • Timely Follow-up
  • Improved revenue cycle
  • By automation, we reduce manual work effort
  • Monthly reporting
  • Improved collections
  • Medical coding and billing experts to fix errors