Charge Entry Services

Demographics and charge entry are the crucial part of any practice revenue because incorrect patient demographics cause rejections and denials which led to delay in payments. Whereas, incorrect charge entry causes low revenue than the rendered services deserve.

Charge Entry is the process of allocating the appropriate dollar amount to the patient claims according to the medical codes and fee schedule chosen for the medical services rendered. The reimbursement of the claims for healthcare provider’s services are dependent on the charges entered for the healthcare services performed. The process of charge entry should be error free because errors can lead to increase in denials rate.

Charge Entry Services

How Xceed Billing Solutions Can Assist in Charge Entry Services

We ensure 100% accurate charge entry because our medical coding and charge entry teams are connected to each other all the time during work. Their effective collaboration helps us to produce 100% accurate charge entry and increased revenue. By choosing Xceed Billing Solutions for Charge Entry Services, you can reduce revenue cycle leakage and save millions of lost revenue.

Steps Included in the Charge Entry Process

Xceed Billing Solutions Charge Entry process includes the following steps:

Step 1 – Receiving patient documents from doctors office

Receiving patient documents i.e. patient demographics, charge tickets, superbills and related clinical documentation via Ebridge, EMR, EHR, or any other secure document management system.

Step 2 – Downloading patient documents

XBS medical billing team downloads the received patient documents from Ebridge, EMR, or EHR and assigns processing work to the charge entry team.

Step 3 – Patient Demographics Entry

Charge entry team enters following info in medical billing software. Patient demographics, billing, rendering and referring provider info, date of service, place of service, ICD and CPT codes, type of service, modifiers, and number of units.

Step 4 – Review of Medical Coding

Our medical coding services team review the entered information and ensure the accurate medical coding has been entered.

Benefits of Outsourcing Charge Entry Services to Xceed Billing Solutions

  • 100% accurate charge entry
  • Review by the medical billing and coding experts before claim submission
  • Monthly audit to ensure the accuracy
  • Accurate charges according to the insurance fee schedule to ensure maximum reimbursement