Medical Billing Services in Texas

Providing healthcare services in Texas along with maintaining your practice revenue cycle efficiently can be quite challenging. Xceed Billing Solutions, a medical billing company in Texas, brings a 15+ years of revenue cycle management experience and best practices to maximize the revenue of healthcare providers in Texas.

Medical Billing Services in Texas

By choosing Xceed Billing Solutions for medical billing services in Texas, you and your front desk staff can focus on patients better care. Whether you are a primary care physician or running a specialty clinic, Xceed Billing Solutions medical billing services in Texas can surely make your healthcare services revenue cycle more profitable.

Our Texas medical billers are located all around Texas, in major cities such as Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, El Paso, and Arlington, and they are prepared to make your practice more profitable by increasing incoming payments from insurances and patients.

Benefits of Choosing XBS Medical Billing Services in Texas

Some of the major benefits of choosing XBS Texas medical billing services include the following:

  • 99.9% accurate charge entry
  • Appropriate medical coding and certified medical coders review
  • Detailed Eligibility verification prior to claims submission
  • Submission of claims to primary, secondary and tertiary insurers through paper and electronically
  • Tracking and timely follow-up on claims after submission
  • Zero percent claims late filing
  • Preparing patient statements
  • Payment posting
  • Preparing patient statements and follow-up with patient
  • 24/7 RCM support
  • HIPAA compliant medical billing
  • No onboarding and signup charges
  • Dedicated patient help desk

Our Medical Billing Services in Texas

Xceed Billing Solutions provides medical billing services to all type of healthcare providers in Texas, ranging from hospitals, emergency rooms, urgent care centers, physicians, and specialty providers. Our Texas medical billers have knowledge about Texas medical billing rules and regulations which helps them to handle every type of healthcare service provider revenue cycle efficiently.

Our Texas medical billing services include the following:

Complete Revenue Cycle Management in Texas

We provide all in one bundle of revenue cycle management services including provider enrollment, credentialing, patients’ demographic and insurance entry, medical coding, claims submission and everything in between till the last penny of your claim gets paid.

Texas Insurances Benefits and Eligibility Verification

Many practices as well as medical billing companies ignore to check eligibility before claim submission due to lack of their knowledge about importance of eligibility and benefits verification. Xceed Billing Solutions make sure to check patient eligibility before claim submission to avoid several denials which can cause delay in payments.

Charge Entry Services for Texas Healthcare Providers

Demographics and charge entry are the crucial part of any practice revenue because incorrect charge entry causes low revenue than the rendered services deserve. We at Xceed Billing Solutions ensure 100% accurate charge entry services because our medical coding and charge entry teams are connected to each other all the time during work. Their effective communication during charge entry helps us to offer quality charge entry services in Texas.

Medical Coding Services Texas

After patient demographics entry, high-quality medical coding is critical for accurate timely reimbursements. Medical coding errors can result in short-term as well as long-term loss and even your practice can go into audit due to inaccurate coding. Xceed Billing Solutions highest priority is quality medical coding services. Our medical coding experts can do any type of medical coding which significantly includes outpatient, inpatient, and specialty medical coding.

Texas Accounts Receivable Services

We assist healthcare providers minimize days in account receivable with our timely and quality account receivable follow-up services that ensure that physicians stay up to date about payments and reasons for delays in accounts receivable. We make sure to follow-up with healthcare insurance companies on each and every claim within the initial 30 days of claim submission.

Credentialing Services for Texas Healthcare Providers

The process of getting any physician credentialed with an insurance company involve too many manual steps which significantly include filling up application forms, answering to the questions asked by insurances and following up with them to complete the credentialing request. You can keep your data up to date with insurance companies by choosing XBS provider credentialing services.

Our Medical Billing Software Experience

We at XBS acknowledge that technology adoption is necessary. Healthcare technology is growing every passing day and medical billing industry is moving towards paperless medical billing as well as automated processes.

Our Texas medical billing team knows the value of automated processes, and we are always ready to adapt latest technology. Whether you’re currently using on EMR or EHR for billing, we are ready to take over your revenue cycle and will run it smoothly and more efficiently. Our medical billing team have hands-on experience with major medical billing softwares including DrChrono, Kareo Billing, CareCloud, eClinicalWorks, AdvancedMD, Athena, NueMD, Praxis, and many more.

Specialty Medical Billing Services We Offer in Texas

We are expert in providing medical billing services to following specialties in Texas. Feel free to contact us at any time!

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