Revenue Cycle Management Services

In the current era of technology, everything is getting automated including medical billing process. With the advancement and technology enhanced rules and regulations for healthcare providers to get their payments from government and insurances, it becomes very difficult for doctors to handle patients as well as revenue cycle billing all at their own. Also, it is difficult to manage in house medical billing team due to lack of time and resources.

In such a hectic situation, nothing can be better than outsourcing revenue cycle management to a well-reputed RCM company. And when it comes to a well-reputed company, no other medical billing company can perform better than Xceed Billing Solutions with the medical billing experts with our 20 years of experience.

Revenue Cycle Management Services We Offer at Xceed Billing Solutions

Revenue Cycle Management Services

We at Xceed Billing Solutions provide all in one bundle of revenue cycle management services including provider enrollment, credentialing, patients’ demographic and insurance entry, medical coding, claims submission and everything in between till the last penny of your claim gets paid. Along with RCM services, our digital marketing specialists do online marketing and reputation management for your healthcare practice.

Who Can Contact Xceed Billing Solutions for RCM Services

XBS revenue cycle management services are designed to assist every healthcare provider, ranging from small clinics, urgent care centers, hospitals, and large healthcare systems.

Our Revenue Cycle Management Services Comprehensive Guide

Provider Credentialing and Enrollment

Back in 2017, we started enrollment and credentialing services to the limited number of providers. We are proud to say that after few months of our services, those providers referred more than dozen of other physicians to us. Since that time, our credentialing team is growing every other day due to the high demand for enrollment and credentialing by healthcare providers.

Patient Pre-Authorization

Although our current RCM providers network prefer to perform prior authorization in house but in case you are willing to outsource pre authorization, we will be more than happy to do it at Xceed Billing Solutions.

Patients Demographic Entry

Are you still doing paper work at your front desk and feel it time consuming to enter in the RCM software? No worries, because our RCM services include patient demographic entry services as well. Just scan your paperwork, upload it on Ebridge or whatever HIPAA Compliant software you prefer to share documents and that’s it. Our patients demographic entry team handles rest of the process.

Medical Coding

If you’re a small practice or a large hospital, you surely once got annoyed due to the complicate medical codes to bill your healthcare service. Sometimes, it become really difficult to perfectly code the medical claim without professional medical coder for maximum and accurate reimbursement. When you outsource your revenue cycle to Xceed Billing Solutions, you will no more have to worry about medical coding. Xceed Billing Solutions certified medical coding team always make sure to provide quality medical coding services to avoid invalid CPT or DX related denials.

Benefits and Eligibility Verification

Just like medical coding, benefits and eligibility verification is also crucial part of revenue cycle to make sure on time and maximum reimbursement. We at Xceed Billing Solutions make sure to do in depth eligibility and benefits verification and proceed accordingly.

Claims Submission

After verifying that everything is perfect on claim, we make sure to submit medical claims on time to avoid late filing and delayed payments issue.

Account Receivable & Claims Follow Up

Our account receivable services team follow up on claims after 15 days of submission to make sure that claims were received by the insurance company and are in process for payment.

Payment Posting

Once we receive a response from insurance company in form of EOB or ERA, we proceed accordingly. In case of payment, we post the payment and forward to the patient if there is any kind of patient responsibility made by the insurance company.

Denial Management

After payment posting, if there is any denial left on the claim then we forward claim to the denial management team for appropriate action.

Patient Payments Collection

In case of any patient responsibility left in the form of copay, coinsurance or deductible, we bill it to the patient and also our patient collection team follow up on patient payments.

Reporting and Data Analysis

Xceed Billing Solution RCM expert project managers generate reports every week and make sure that everything is working perfectly and there are no valid claims in aging.

Healthcare Providers Marketing and Reputation Management

In the current era, everything is accessible through internet. Mostly patients search for providers online through search engines and other semantic search tools. So, it is very important for providers to stay accessible to the patients online as well as maintain their profile to avoid negative reviews. Looking at this, we additionally offer online marketing and reputation management for your healthcare practice to make sure your accessibility to every patient in your surroundings.

Why Choose Xceed Billing Solutions for Revenue Cycle Management Services

Here comes the question that why you should choose XBS to handle your practice revenue cycle! Xceed Billing Solutions is a RCM service provider company started by medical billing industry experts. With over 20 years of experience, we can handle and boost your practice revenue more than any other RCM company in US. Along with two decades of experience, we offer healthcare digital marketing services which now is becoming the lifeline of every practice.