CO 29 Denial Code Description and Solution

CO 29 denial code – The Time Limit for filing has expired occurs when insurance receives the claim after the given time filing limit. Timely filing limit is the time of claim submission starting from Date of Service and it vary for each insurance.

CO 29 Denial Code Reason

CO 29 Denial Code Description and Solution

CO 29 denial mostly occurs due to delay in claim submission to insurance company or lack of proper follow up after submission. Most of the time, claims are submitted within timely filing limit but are not received by the insurance companies on time, especially when you’re doing paper submission.

In case of electronic submission, there are rare chances of late filing if you’re properly following up on claims and keep an eye on rejections because in electronic submission, rejections cause the timely filing CO 29 denial.

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Role of Rejections in CO 29 Denial

Rejections can occur due to various reasons like incorrect patient or insurance info. Incorrect medical coding can also cause rejection. You can read about rejections in detail. When you or your medical billing account receivable person ignore to fix the rejections, claim remains at pending which leads to late filing.

Solution of CO-29 Denial Code

In case of timely filing denial, the best option is to call the insurance company. However, you can also work on it using the insurance web portal.

How to Fix CO 29 Denial? – Detailed Guide

1. Call the Insurance Company

Call the insurance company from which you received the timely filing denial EOB and ask the representative when they have received the initial claim.

If you received timely filing denial on BCBS insurance claims, you will need BCBS prefix information to reach their right department.

2. Check the Timely Filing Limit

Check the timely filing limit of that insurance company through Google or ask the provider’s claims service department.

3. Calculate the days

Once you get the timely filing limit information, calculate the days from Date of Service to the Date insurance received the claim.

4. Ask for Reprocessing if Claim Received within Timely Filing Limit

After calculating, if claim was received by the insurance company within timely filing limit than ask the representative to send back claim for reprocessing.

5. Send an Appeal with Proof of Late Filing Reason

If insurance received the claim after timely filing limit then find the reason of late filing. If you find a valid reason for late filing e.g. missing information received late from patient etc. OR if you have submitted the claim within timely filing limit but insurance received the claim late, then send an appeal to the insurance company with proof of late filing.

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