Physician Medical Billing Services for Hospital and Emergency Room

With quickly evolving technology in every aspect of life, it’s getting difficult to manage things without having advanced knowledge. Just all other fields, Physician medical billing is also getting complex due to advanced Physician diagnostic and procedure codes.

Constant improvement in the Physician specialty is making things transparent and easy to understand by insurances and medical billing experts. But unfortunately, these complex and ever-changing codes is making it difficult for Physician healthcare service providers to bill at their own or through in-house billing team.

Physician Medical Billing Services

In such situation, the wise decision is to outsource Physician billing to Physician billing industry experts. Due to complex Physician DX and CPT codes, Physician medical billing is more challenging than other specialty billing. So, it is crucial to choose the right Physician billing services company who can handle your specialty medical billing professionally and improve your revenue cycle.

How Xceed Billing Solutions Can Assist in Physician Medical Billing Services

Xceed Billing Solutions have experience of more than a decade in providing Physician billing services across USA and are considered as one of the best medical billing company in USA. While following the most recent Physician billing guidelines, our Physician billing and coding experts will do correct Physician coding and billing to get on time and highest possible reimbursements.

We are confident to 100% fix your current revenue cycle issues and reduce the aging. So, what are you waiting for? Schedule a meeting with our Physician billing service experts and know more about how we can assist!

Patients Benefits Verification Services

Although it is vital to check eligibility of every patient claim before submission but while billing for Physician specialty claims, we make sure to check eligibility and benefits of every patient. Our eligibility verification services team review that whether this patient plan covers Physician related services or not so that we can take appropriate action on time. After benefits verification, we calculate the patient responsibilities (including Co Pay, Co Insurance, and Deductible) and update authorization (if required).

Patient Demographics and Charge Entry Services

The major step before creating claim of any patient is the demographics entry. We make sure to add patient information according to the patient data in the insurance system so that we can avoid any type of rejection or denials. The insurance payment depends on the charges we bill them, so our charge entry services team make sure to enter appropriate charges from superbill.

Physician Account Receivable Follow-up Services

After claim submission, it is crucial to timely follow up on claims to avoid no claim on file due to rejections or any other reason. But unfortunately, many medical billing companies ignore the importance of on-time follow up while providing account receivable services. At Xceed Billing Solutions, we make sure to follow up on each and every claim after 15 days of submission, and this 15 days follow up cycle continuous until the final decision is made by the insurance company.

Denials Management for Physicians

Claim denials can cause huge loss for any healthcare service provider. Our Physician denials management team can provide you high-quality denial management. With their years of Physician billing experience, they are well aware of MACRA and know appropriate action for each and every possible denials which occurs on Physician practice billing.

Payment Posting

Once the EOB/ERA is received, our Physician payment posting team promptly post the payments and if there is any kind of denial, they forward claims to the denials management team for appropriate action. In case, there is some kind of patient responsibility made by the insurance company, we bill it to the patient.

Physician Billing Software’s Xceed Billing Solutions Supports

Billing Software plays an important role in the revenue cycle management. While they made it easy for humans to get rid of paper work, sometimes they also cause hassle if you don’t have much knowledge about using them. Xceed Billing Solutions have the medical billing industry experts who are always prepared to work any medical billing software.

Our revenue cycle management team is well aware of modern RCM softwares and tools. We can deal with any medical billing software (EMR and EHR), including eClinicalWorks (ECW), AdvancedMD EHR, Prime Suite, CGM APRIMA, Sevocity, athenaOne, Kareo, DrChrono, CureMD etc.

Why Choose Xceed Billing Solutions to Outsource Physician Billing

With over more than 15 years of Physician billing experience, we provide a comprehensive range of expert level Physician billing solutions to satisfy our Physician health service providers. When you choose Xceed Billing Solutions for Physician billing services, you get an approach to countless benefits and assets.

One of the major reason to choose us for Physician billing is that we provide quality HIPAA compliant Physician medical billing services.

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We offer affordable and quality medical billing & coding services. Our revenue cycle management experts are one call way and we are available 24/7 to answer your queries. So, contact us right away and get answer of your medical billing related queries. We offer affordable and quality Physician medical billing services. Contact us at any time to learn more about our Physician billing services.