BCBS Provider Phone Number for Claims & Eligibility Verification 2024

BCBS is a health insurance company that operates across the United States. If you are a member of a BCBS plan, healthcare provider, or a medical biller, you need to get in touch with a BCBS provider customer service phone number for various reasons.

In this post, we will provide you with information about BCBS provider phone numbers for different state and what you can expect when you call. You can also visit our BCBS prefix lookup to find right home plan.

BCBS Provider Phone Numbers for Claim Status and Eligibility Verification

BCBS Provider Phone Numbers for Claims and Eligibility Verification
Blue Cross Blue Shield Plan NameBCBS Provider Phone Number
BCBS of Alabama Provider Phone Number800-760-6852
Premera BCBS of Alaska Provider Phone Number800-722-4714 Option 2
Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Arizona800-232-2345
BCBS of Arkansas Provider Phone Number800-827-4814
Anthem Blue Cross California Provider Phone Number800-922-3242
BCBS California Phone Number800-541-6652 Option 6
Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Colorado877-833-5742
Anthem BCBS Connecticut Provider Phone Number800-922-3242
BCBS Delaware Provider Phone Number800-572-2872
Highmark BCBS of Delaware800-241-5704
Carefirst BCBS District of Columbia Provider Phone Number800-842-5975
FEP Blue Cross Blue Shield888-999-9862
BCBS Florida Provider Phone Number800-727-2227
Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia800-284-2609, 800-241-7475 OR 800-331-1476
BCBS of Hawaii800-790-4672
Blue Cross of Idaho Phone Number866-482-2250
Regence BCBS of Idaho Provider Phone Number866-227-0913
BCBS of Illinois (IL) Provider Phone Number800-972-8088
BCBS Indiana Phone Number800-282-1016
Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield of Iowa800-362-2218
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas800-432-3990
Anthem BCBS Kentucky800-282-1016
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana800-392-4076
Anthem BCBS of Maine800-832-6011
Carefirst BCBS Maryland800-248-8410
BCBS Massachusetts Provider Phone Number800-882-2060
BCBS of Michigan Provider Phone Number800-344-8525
BCBS Minnesota Provider Phone Number800-262-0820
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi800-257-5825
Anthem BCBS Missouri888-571-9054
BCBS of Kansas City Provider Phone Number800-892-6048
Blue Cross Blue Shield Montana800-447-7828
BCBS Nebraska Provider Phone Number800-635-0579 OR 800-642-8516
Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nevada800-332-3842
Anthem BCBS of New Hampshire800-332-6558
Horizon BCBS of New Jersey800-624-1110
Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico Provider Phone Number888-349-3706
BCBS of Western New York800-950-0052
Blue Shield of Northeastern New York800-444-4552
Empire BCBS of New York (NY) Provider Phone Number800-552-6630
Excellus BCBS Provider Phone Number800-920-8889
Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina Phone Number800.214.4844
BCBS North Dakota Provider Phoner Number800.368.2312
Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Ohio Phone Number800-282-1016
BCBS of Oklahoma Provider Phone Number800-496-5774
Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oregon Phone Number866-227-0913
Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania800-822-8752
Highmark BCBS of Pennsylvania Provider Phone Number800-241-5704
Independence Blue Cross (IBX) of Pennsylvania800-275-2583
Triple-S Salud Puerto Rico877-357-9777
BCBS of Rhode Island401-274-4848 OR 800-230-9050
BCBS of North dakota Provider Phone Number800-368-2312
Wellmark BCBS of South Dakota800-774-3892
BCBS of South Carolina Provider Phone Number800-868-2510
BCBS Tennessee Provider Phone Number800-924-7141
BCBS of Texas Provider Phone Number800-451-0287 OR 877-299-2377
Regence BCBS of Utah866-227-0913
BCBS of Vermont888-222-9206
Anthem BCBS of Virginia Provider Phone Number800-533-1120 for Commercial and 800-901-0020 for Medicaid
Premera Blue Cross Provider Phone Number877-342-5258 Option 2
Regence Blue Shield866-227-0913
Highmark BCBS West Virginia - Mountain State BCBS800-294-9568
Anthem BCBS Wisconsin888-571-9055
Blue Cross Blue Shield Wyoming800-442-2376

How to find the BCBS Provider Phone Number?

There are several ways to find the BCBS provider phone number. The easiest way is to check your BCBS member insurance card or member portal, as the provider customer service phone number should be listed there. You can also visit the BCBS website and search for providers customer service phone number. But for your ease I have done the task for you and list all states BCBS provider phone numbers above.

If you are having difficulty finding the BCBS provide phone number for your state or need further assistance, you can contact us through email for assistance or call directly to BCBS phone number for general inquiries. BCBS general inquiries representative will be able to assist you with finding the correct provider phone number or answer any questions you may have.

What to Expect When Calling a BCBS Provider Phone Number?

When you call a BCBS provider phone number, you will likely be prompted to select from a menu of options. The menu may include options for making an appointment, checking on a claim, or speaking with a customer service representative.

Once you select an option, you will be connected with a representative who can assist you. It’s important to have insurance card or member ID number handy when you call, as the representative will likely ask for this information for verification. They may also ask for your name, date of birth, and other personal information.

Final Remarks about Blue Cross Blue Shield Provider Phone Numbers

If you are a member of a BCBS plan or a medical biller or provider, you may need to get in touch with a BCBS provider customer service for various reasons. I made it easy for you to find the BCBS provider phone number, and once you call, you can expect to be connected with a right provider services representative who can assist you with any questions you have.

Remember to have BCBS insurance card or member ID number handy and ask any questions you have to ensure you have a clear understanding of your benefits and coverage.

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